WZC Launch

Well attended by over 6 000 church board members, graced by officers and departmental directors from the Union as well as the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division (SID), the West Zimbabwe Conference (WZC) officers took time to unpack the mode of operations for the year 2019.

The concept of the magnetic church, which is the 2019 tagline was the message of the day and can be summarised into the five following points.

1 – Magnetic preaching which entails a thorough study of God’s word resulting in sermons that are bible based. This will result in an encounter and experience with God.

2 – Magnetic people – one of the many reasons why people are not atteacted to us is because we are unfriendly. 2019 is the year of being hospitable one to another without grudging. Loving dispositions and caring attitudes are powerful magnets that will draw visitors and retain new converts in church.

3 – Magnetic programs which are people oriented, which meet spiritual and emptional needs above all programs whoch comfort, educate, inspire and encourage.

Number 4 – Magnetic facilities. A sanctuary is Christ’s dwelling place, magnetic churches should be presentable, inviting, comfortable, with clean lavatries, well ventilated and above all facilities which are friendly to those of our friends with special needs. i. e the deaf and wheelchaired among others.

Number 5 – let us remember Christ is the ultimate magnet. John 12 vs 32, if i am lifted up i will draw all men into myself.

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