Office of the Treasury

How We Serve!

The Treasury Department, has the honor of receiving the resources that flow into God’s church from his faithful children and distributing it to different ministries that help spread God’s love and word throughout our area.

These funds and gifts make the growth and development of this family we call the church possible.

Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” Acts 20:35.

All thanks be to God for providing and blessing the Conference and its members throughout the years, without Him our work would be in vain. We are privileged to work with such a competent team who go the extra mile. Most of all, a big thank you to all the West Zimbabwe Conference Church Members returning a faithful tithe and freewill offering to sustain the Lord’s work.


The Treasury Department has made the following Resources Available for Download

Due to the drastic changes in the financial sector of our Zimbabwean economy and advances in technology, the West Zimbabwe Conference in line with its vision of being a “Vanguard of Adventist Standards” through the Stewardship Department has created technological platforms for the remission of tithes and offerings. Members are advised to be very conversant and sure of these platforms/ methods and how to use them and choose the most convenient. Should there be any queries or mistakes made in following any of the methods, please contact the office as soon as possible on any of the numbers given at the bottom of this page.


Go online (internet) and enter the address below after which you follow instructions on the page opened. Link Alternatively visit for the link.

Please email proof of payment to as well as your local church treasurer for recording.


You can also use Ecocash for remitting your tithes and offerings using our biller codes as follows
1. Dial *151
2. Enter your Ecocash pin code

3. Select option 2 (Make payment) 4. Select option 1 (Pay Bill)
5. Enter the relevant biller code
6. Enter the amount

7. Enter the following (no spaces) ChurchNameSurnameName e.g MakokobaDubeSikhumbuzo

8. Press 1 to confirm
Short code for Tithe *151*2*1*83792*amount# Short code for offering *151*2*1*83788*amount#
An sms containing the reference number will be sent to you kindly give the reference number and breakdown to your local treasurer for receipting.



You can make an RTGS/USD transfer to any following banks using the given details: (ACCOUNT NAME: WEST ZIMBABWE CONFERENCE)


Swiping method is now available at some local churches and yet to be available soon to the remaining churches. You can also visit the accounts office at West Zimbabwe Conference and you will be afforded an opportunity to swipe for remissions after which you will be given some receipts/proof of swiping documentation. Carry that with you to your local church and put it in an envelope, then drop into the offertory basket as usual.


Use the standard tithe and offering envelope. Be sure to correctly fill the white slip inside the and label the envelope correctly outside stating your name and surname in full, name of church and then securely seal the envelope and drop it inside the offertory basket.


For any information, clarification or troubleshooting on mistakes please contact Daniel Ndlovu on 071 561 5578 or email