President’s Office

Welcome to the West Zimbabwe Conference website. This conference falls within the Zimbabwe West Union Conference territory. Whether it was by default or design that you found time to stop by I am glad that you did. I also pray that you will find this page helpful to you. Scroll down to have an appreciation of what the Lord is doing through His people throughout the WZC territory.


The Presidency exists to provide strategic leadership and supervision to each department and ministry within its territory. Its role is to ensure that each department and ministry is aligned with the overall mission of our conference and is developing appropriate ministry resources for the constituency. Consequently, that will facilitate mission and leadership development in the churches, districts and the entire constituency.

 The whole Bible is a revelation of the glory of God in Christ. Received, believed, obeyed, it is the great instrumentality in the transformation of character. MH 458:1

Pastor Taddius Nkanyezi

WZC President